They are quite eggquisite, wouldn’t you agree?

Could Jesus Have Been Vegan?

This subject is controversial. I am not telling any of you what you should or should not do. You will come to those truths as they are revealed to you.

The Never-Get-Take-Out-Again Ramen

In its essence it is simple. The ingredients don’t require hours of preparation. Yet, the care needed to produce a Tokyo-worthy bowl is to be admired.

Rustic Wild Yeast Paninis

The menu for our date night last week were these rustic wild yeast paninis with herb and parmesan fries. It did not disappoint!

Birthday Brunch

I don’t think I can be considered a “baby adult” anymore.

Paleo Buckwheat Blueberry Bake

With my Buckwheat flour, organic blueberries, lemon juice, a pinch of Himalayan pink salt, and my go-to coconut palm sugar I search my heirloom family cookbook for how to make pie crust and simple fruit pie filling. I found it, made it and loved it.